The Fine Line Between Adult Diapers With Tabs and Adult Pull Ups...
Do you care for someone who has urinary incontinence i.e. experience involuntary leakage of feces or urine? Or do you have a parent or a loved one who struggles with controlling their bowel or bladder movements either due to a chronic illness or age?

This problem can be addressed in a dignified manner by using either adult/briefs with tabs or adult pull-ups incontinence underwear.

What are the differences? 

  1. Design 

(A) Adult Diapers with Tabs are basically diapers that are designed with side panels. During diaper changes, the tabs can be refastened opened and closed.

(B) Adult Pull-Ups are worn just like regular underwear. They don't need to be opened or closed when changing. Instead, they have tearable sides for easy removal.  

Product Definitions

These super-absorbent diapers feature adhesive tabs on the sides to make it easier for caregivers to change the diaper in a sitting, lying, or standing position. The adjustable tabs also offer a more customized fit which helps to provide maximum protection against leaks. These diapers are reliable for use during both daytime and nighttime.

Full coverage incontinence underwear typically comes as either diaper with tabs or pull-ups which are great for anyone who wants a look and feel that is similar to regular underwear. They are very discreet and a lot more comfortable which makes them ideal for active users. You may choose ones with tear-away sides for easier removal

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Blog Written By Damian Enderle - Founder of Adult Diapers 365

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