Buy extra absorbency adult diapers, and underwear. 

Build your care confidence by selecting a product that will not leak...

Do you ever have any problems with diapers leaking?

This cause could be not having the correct absorbency of your incontinence product. All adult diapers with tabs or absorbent underwear come in different levels of absorbencies. When buying adult diapers online, it is very important to choose extra-absorbent products to ensure the best protection to avoid leaking during the day or night.

What is the top tip when buying Incontinence diapers for women or men?

The number one tip when caring for someone with Incontinence is to have the correct absorbency product for their needs. You can choose a heavy or overnight brief style diaper that has tabs on the side, or heavy and/or overnight protective underwear that pull up and down easily. Each of the Incontinence products listed come in the level of absorbency to best fit your needs. Remember to always go with the product that has more absorbency for better protection!

Have you ever heard of Booster Pads?

If not, let me tell you all about them…booster pads “go inside” any existing diaper for added absorbency.
You may be asking how do booster pads work?
The liner-style pad that you place inside the diaper or underwear. The thin liner is very absorbent and can add inside any incontinence product for peace of mind from a leaking diaper. We have included a link to our booster pads and always recommend them for the times when you need extra protection!

FAQs About Extra-Absorbent Diapers, Underwear, and Booster Pads

What extra-absorbent products do you suggest for a woman/man that has a heavy loss of urine?

Buying adult diapers in our store categories named heavy or overnight absorbent will keep you protected.  Our heavier absorbent incontinence products are all designed with extra-absorbency capacity, this allows for diapers/underwear a bigger loss of liquid without leaking.  Buying extra-absorbent adult diapers online in our store is simple and easy.  Start by selecting the category that best represents your needs and then pick your level of absorbency needed...It is easy and fast shipping to your doorstep too!  

What are the benefits of booster pads?

Booster pads add an extra absorbent pad that will soak up any liquid.  Each booster pad slides right inside and on top of the adult diaper mat, and this added layer of protection can be excellent for long trips, day or night times.  If you want to shop our booster pads, click here to view our selection to add to any order.

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