Chucks Pads For Bed - Top Disposable Pads To Buy

When protecting your mattress, bed, and furniture from a leaking diaper, chucks pads will save the day! Disposable pads for incontinence come in different sizes, and our first tip is to always GO LARGE! 

Keeping beds sanitary by using disposable chucks pads on chairs, beds, or any piece of furniture you need protection from a leaking diaper.  We have you covered with tips on buying chucks pads that will do the job of absorbing any liquid and creating a protected barrier on your bed or chair.

What are chucks pads?

Disposable absorbent pads that are designed to be placed on a chair, bed, couch, or any furniture to act as a barrier from liquid leaking.    

We suggest buying extra-large chucks pads to always have more area to cover in case of an accident.  Below we will list the top 3 disposable bed pads to buy.....

Sizes: 23x36, 30x30, 30x36 
Absorbency: Heavy
Prevail Total Care pads are designed with extra-large pads that is heavy absorbent.  You can rest your worries with Prevail Total Care! Our top pick chucks!
 Prevail Underpads

Size: 3 x 6 Feet
Absorbency: Heavy
Wing Plus pads, our largest chucks that we offer.  They can fit an entire couch, bed, lazy boy etc...You will be protected more with this pad!
extra large bed chucks
Size:23 x 36 inches
Absorbency: Heavy 
If you want protection...Attends Dri-Sorb are heavy absorbent and you get 150 chucks pads per case.  The size of this disposable pad is perfect for many different places like: mattresses, bed, chairs, or any type of furniture you want to protect from incontinence.  

Incontinence Chucks Can Be A Furniture Savers -  In conclusion, always have bed chucks in stock for your incontinence care.  In some cases incontinence care get worse and our disposable pads can keep your mind clear of worry.  Please feel free to try our pads and get free delivery in 1-2 days! 

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