Best Urinary Incontinence Products For Males or Females
Urinary incontinence affects over 200 million people worldwide, and learning about the different incontinence products available is an important first step.  Senior citizens, elderly, adults of any gender with urinary incontinence will need to either wear a brief style diaper with tabs, protective absorbent underwear, or incontinence liners.

What is urinary incontinence?

When a male or female leaks urine occasionally, sometimes, or all of the time.  Urinary incontinence can be more common in the elderly, and more often in women.  Urinary incontinence can affect anyone, and finding products that will protect in case of urine leakage.  Weakening bladder muscles can cause urinary incontinence, sometimes women or men experience incontinence when this occurs.  It affects women in more numbers because of childbirth, menopause, and pregnancy, but men also experience incontinence from different health-related issues.  Male urinary incontinence is experienced in 10% of men over the age of 45, that have a heavy loss of urine or bladder control problems.  Female urinary incontinence is experienced by over 23% of women over the age of 60 years old, and treatment can be difficult.  Sometimes in the healing of getting treatment for urinary incontinence, some adults may require adult briefs, protective underwear, or liners that will protect from leaking urine.  Senior citizens and the elderly often need products to help protect against urine leaking.   

These urinary incontinence products come in different styles, absorbencies, and sizes.  Our trained experts are always available to help you find the best incontinence products for males or females. Call 1-877-334-2737 with any questions!

What is stress urinary incontinence?

The word stress has nothing to do with this type of incontinence in females or males.  Stress incontinence happens when the bladder experiences pressure, and involuntary leaks urine.  This can happen to anyone, but women may experience this type of incontinence more.  This can happen during exercising, after a medical procedure, pregnancy,  laughing, sneezing, or coughing.  Stress incontinence is among the most common type and sometimes absorbent pads or liners will do that job.  Some senior citizens or the elderly have incontinence due to aging and need to have absorbent adult brief diapers or protective pull up diapers that fit like real underwear. 

Male Urinary Incontinence Products

We have the best products that will protect from male urinary incontinence.  Our products come in small, medium, large, XL, 2XL, or 3XL.  Shop male urinary incontinence products just for men in the list below.  Overflow incontinence or enlarged prostate affects men the most, and we have products to help with urine leaking.  Senior citizens or elderly males will experience urine leakage more often and need incontinence products that protect their needs.  You can buy adult diapers or protective underwear for the day or overnight.  

Female Urinary Incontinence Products

Absorbent pads and liners are designed for women with urinary incontinence.  Our absorbent pads are the best and help females with bladder leakage, functional, and stress incontinence.  Shop our selection below of women's products for incontinence and always free delivery in 1-2 days.  Senior citizen or elderly women often needs to have an absorbent incontinence product to protect against leakage. 

Whether you need urinary incontinence products for senior citizens, elderly resident, male or female, Adult Diapers 365 is here to help you find the best protection from urine leaking.  Our male urinary incontinence products are designed for light to heavy absorbency.  The female urinary incontinence products are designed for women who are incontinent some time to more often to all the time.  Call our online store at 1-877-3-DIAPER or 1-877-334-2737  

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